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released July 22, 2013

Derek Calhoun- drums
Charles Schneider- bass, vocals
Morgan Tindall- guitar
Nico Warhol- vocals, guitar

All lyrics by Nico except "Surrealists" by Charles.
Engineered & mixed by Mike Ashmore. Mastered by Jared Hirshland at Elysian Masters. Artwork by Brian Phillips.

Limited edition packaging by Charles Schneider.



all rights reserved


Wives Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Cheaters
I named my daughter after my mistress
She was born on the twelfth day of christmas
Skeletons in my closet, it's none of your business
And bro code licks me like rich kids' richness

We don't like girls, we like women
Electrolytes smell like semen
She comes inside and she moves like a snake
A cold heart with a loose handshake

Right on, cheaters, right on
Right on, right on

Do you do it 'cause your daddy did?
Or because you always wish you did?
Do you do it 'cause you know it's wrong?
Tell me baby, does it turn you on?

Right on, cheaters, right on
Right on, right on

If you're a cheater, sing along
If you're a cheater, sing my song

Baby dark hair, baby pale skin
Baby can't smile, baby sad grin
Baby black eyes, baby gold tooth
Baby white lies, baby tell the truth
Baby long hair, baby small face
Baby outta time, baby outta place
Baby no friends, baby make it count
Baby wrong one, baby secret's out

If you're a cheater, sing along
If you're a cheater, sing my song

C.H.E.A.T.E.R.S. !!
Track Name: Game Changer
The matriarch got tarred and feathered
My walk in the park, it just got better
You'd do it too, only if you could
In ten seconds flat, you know you would

You start your rumors, ask the source
I'll spit in your face and smile, of course
Nobody knows what's lies or what is true
And I don't need to explain myself to you

I'll tag my name on her
She is my game changer
Track Name: Girl Kept Running
The girl kept running
The girl kept running from me
She kept saying
Daddy, I don't know what I can do

The girl kept hiding
The girl kept hiding from me
She kept slipping out the back, like a phantom
She kept running
The girl kept running from me
And kept saying
Daddy, I don't know what I can do

I only know love when it's gone
I don't know where to go, without you saying so
But you can't see me if I can't see you
So I'm laying out crops in hell
I'm laying out crops in hell
Turned the watering hole into a wishing well
I'm laying out crops in hell

Hey! Hey!
Girl kept running
Track Name: Ring Finger
Do you wanna see it
My ring finger
Track Name: We're All Surrealists
Red, red, I painted it blue but it still looks red.

Red, red, A painting of you but you took it to the end.

To the deep and threw it right in.
Track Name: Animal
That's what you said
I always told you it wasn't like that
Hey come on
I'd do anything
I guess emotions got the worst of me again

Then she said

Wish you were dead
I thought I told you it wasn't like that
Hey come on
Size me up
We're getting right down to the heart of it all

Why you gotta make me beg?
You own me

You're an animal
You always said
I thought I told you it wasn't like that
Hey come on
Night's runnin' out
No it isn't all I ever think about
Track Name: These People
These people are anxious
These people are old
These people spent their entire lives on things they bought/sold
These people are a mystery
These people were handpicked
These people drop names
These people jump ship
These people make promises
These people make it count
These people found closure
These people wait it out
These people are cute
These people are nice
These people do everything wrong
These people do it right
These people like boys
These people like girls
These people like both boys & girls
These people are hungry
These people live in shacks
These people have a band that practices in the shed out back
These people are boring
These people are fine
These people have completely lost their minds
These people give lip service
These people got high
These people worry & worry & worry 'til they die
All right!

(These people care for the world they're in. These people try to get over it. These people want to love again. These people line up & dive right in. These people's rings are turning brass. These people play on selfish acts. These people fight for this & that. These people feed you something else.)

These people are bent over with their mouths taped shut
These people are on TV saying which taxes we should cut
These people are out to lunch
These people like to steal
These people turn their backs on you
These people are asleep at the wheel
Track Name: She Smokes Cigarettes
My undertaker steps into the room
She got me nervous
I feel it in my stomach, that hot and bothered feeling
Maybe it's her hair or the clothes she wears
Or how she looks at me
With those big bedroom eyes
They don't let sleeping dogs lie
She's a shadow, a ghost
She can evaporate into thin air
She sure as hell knows how to have a good time
She got me nervous
I think she's the one but... she smokes cigarettes

I'm spilling my guts
I'm a sitting duck
And she don't have a care in the world
Ain't nothing but those big bedroom eyes
I think I'm in love but... she's too tall

She takes me here, there, and everywhere
She's the face in the moon
She's the girl down the street
She'll make you lonesome
She'll make you kill a man
She'll put a snap in your step
She could be the one but... she got more tattoos than me

I've seen grown men salute her
And send their limbs to the four corners of the world
She got that staying power
And she makes it a habit
She got a real dirty mouth
But she sings like the robins sing
Just look at me Lookatmelookatmewhywontshelookatme?
Who is she talking to? Where are they going?
I know she's the one
I know she could be the one but... she found god