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Bradley Parsons
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Bradley Parsons got a chance to play with these guys in an old band I was in and it felt so cool to see these guys come from my area Favorite track: Chantilly Lace.
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released August 11, 2016

Vocals, guitars, and drums by Nico Warhol
Recorded by Michael Ashmore
Mastered by Nick Steinborn at Red Hand Recording



all rights reserved


Wives Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Bad Man
I'm not a bad man, I'm a logical man
I do what I can when I can
I might have bad thoughts, but I rarely act upon them
I'm not a bad man
I'm a man in his prime, fuck like a demon
A werewolf at midnight
Silver bullet, that's right
I'm not a bad man
Older than Jesus, been more places, seen more faces
Hell, at least I can read
That isn't even how he pronounces his name anyway
He wouldn't even turn his head if you called to him
I have sins, you have sins, we all have what you call sins
Eternal damnation, don't pray for me
Sure, I find truth in stories, just not the ones that you read
A deflection of guilt, neck deep in it
I take shortcuts, I go off script, paint myself into a corner
I put the cart before the horse
I'm not a bad man
Big mistakes, but I'm not a bad man
Self deprecating, self degrading, self invading, no self respect
Bad ideas, but I'm not a bad man
I went out, running around, running my life straight into the ground
Bad decisions, but I'm not a bad man
The first to wake up, the last to bed
This gets out of hand if it gets out my head
Late bloomer, but I'm not a bad man
I'm not a bad man, I'm not a bad man
Track Name: Knife Fight
You're damned if you don't and you're damned if you do
Life is a hustle, I'm a sucker too
Right after you get one foot in the door
They nail your feet down to the floor

If getting it is wrong, you don't wanna be right
You'll never ever bring a spoon when you go to the knife fight
You're either wolf or sheep, of the tribe or the chief
The less of you you give, the more of others you can take

It's so easy to ask, let's see you answer a few
With real kind words, you skate the issue
Call off the dogs, give it some time
Hurry up just to wait in line

If getting it is wrong, you don't wanna be right
You'll never ever bring a spoon when you go to the knife fight
You're either wolf or sheep, of the tribe or the chief
The less of you you give, the more of others you can take
Track Name: Tired
I am tired of everything
I'm tired of your nose ring
I am tired of you hanging around
Hanging around in my downtown
I'm tired of cheap labor
I'm tired of cheap parts
I'm tired of cheap talk, cheap sex, cheap starts
I am tired of staying up late
I'm so damn tired that I can't even sleep

I'm tired

I am tired of micro brews
I am tired of beards and tattoos
I'm tired of loud music and loaded guns
Empty threats and loaded questions
I'm tired of repeating myself
I'm tired of your smiling eyes
I'm tired of my own damn face
I am tired of repeating myself

I'm tired

...of planned obsolescence
...living in an oligarchy
...sex in advertising
...juggling time

I am tired of what you believe
I wouldn't be so tired if i didn't have to hear about it
Tired of forty hours a week
I'm tired, so tired of my wants, my needs
I'm tired of bouncing off the walls
Red flags, red tape, no cares, no calls
I'm tired of societal pressure, and being a consumer
And thinking about it because...

I'm tired
Track Name: Which One
She's like a very good wine, gets better with age
"It's going real real fine," he said with ease
Blood suckers, prize fighters, clock watchers
Hyphenated families

You can't discipline friends, but you can a lover
I'm better with faces than I am with names
You can't ignore this problem like you ignore every other
Some eat nails, everyone else complains- which one are you?

Get it all or it all goes by- which one are you?
Bite your tongue or stir the pot- which one are you?

You're an empty shell, you're a fish out of water
You're faking, you're pretending, everyone can see it
You need to pick your battles wisely
Well, which fire do you want to put out first?
Take the low hanging fruit, even if you don't want it
Take it, even if it's the last thing you do
You can't walk across water
You can't jump through those hoops
So, stay out of it, it's the best method
Open your mouth, insert your foot
No leg to stand on or stand your ground- which one are you?

In like a lion or out like a lamb- which one are you?
Fix me or fix yourself- which one are you?
Track Name: We'll Have Your Head
Love to hear yourself talk
I can't hear myself think
Just piss in the wind
You might need to vent
But you don't need to gloat
That's the understatement of the year


We read you loud and clear
It's textbook you
Don't hold your breath
We'll have your head, we'll have your head
We'll have your head, we'll have your head

Don't you hold your breath
We will have your head

** You're the kind of person I throw peanuts at. If you wanna be liked, keep your mouth shut. Everyone likes the quiet one. You're pandering, and it's obvious. Nothing you say holds water. Well, it's said that opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one. Ha ha ha, yeah. Aw, too soon? Tough crowd. Life's too short for this. You're done getting the benefit of the doubt.
Track Name: Chantilly Lace
Chantilly lace
And a pretty face
Wiggle when it walk
Giggle when it talk

There ain't nothin' like a big eyed girl

Chantilly lace
And a pretty face
Make me act so funny
Spend my god damn money

There ain't nothin' like a big eyed girl

**lyrics re-arranged from "Chantilly Lace" written by J.P. Richardson
Track Name: Ooh Ooh (Pink Flag)
Sharp as a tack, a doomed man
Aspire to be all that you can
Apples and oranges, if you only knew
An old wooden ship built just for you
Wendy Whatshername, I was lookin' out this time
"For little old me?" she asked through flying saucer eyes
My little ruin, dime a dozen
You flew the coupe, a stool pigeon
Lost your dignity and then your pride
Train's at 2:30, at 4:00 she's crucified
Getting dogged, burn through it
The band-aid fix, eat a bullet
I'll give you a reason to cry
Move over so I can slide by

Pink flag
Track Name: Don't Really Care
If you didn't need me, then you'd probably leave me
And then you'd never see me
I don't really care
Pictures, they won't do
Difference between me and you
Out with old, in with the new
I don't really care

I don't, I don't, I don't

A slow mental murder
A downpour, a deserter
And if you ever hurt her
I don't really care
I can get real mad or I can sit and feel sad
You would probably feel bad
I don't really care

You can pin a rose
On the tip of your nose
And if that's what you chose- I don't care

Got an attic full of bats and a cellar full of rats
At my place of this and thats
I don't really care
What a thing to say after getting double pay
Half the work then walk away
I don't really care

I don't, I don't, I don't

Despite good advice
I start to get enticed
To skate on the thin ice- I don't care

I don't really care